9000 Wilshire / 2021

Beverly Hills, CA
Office Building
32,000 Square Feet

Executive Architects: HLW International

9000 Wilshire is located on historic Wilshire Boulevard east of the Beverly Hills Triangle. As it is conditioned by a strict zoning envelope (45ft height limit) and 2 FAR, the buildings’ subtle formal adjustments, in combination with a dark purple satin finish aluminum and glass envelope, makes for a project whose differences are rather obvious in a sea of self similar office buildings.
The logic of the design emerges from many lessons learned on our project for HL23 in New York including the use of clear, low iron glass, and a geometric language that is clean yet provocative in form and shape. The conical corners along with the material finish and color, dramatize the play of light on the surfaces. Meanwhile, the basic rectangular shape of the floor plates allow for the greatest amount of flexibility for the tenant.

Neil M Denari Architects, Inc
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