Arts District Hotel / 2015

Los Angeles, California
130 Room Boutique Hotel
81,000 Square Feet

As part of a master plan developed by AECOM for a large site in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, this 16 story boutique hotel anchors a main corner of the site on 6th Street. It is intended to establish an iconic moment within a field of lower rise housing and commercial buildings designed by some of Los Angeles’ most talented and ambitious architects.
The scheme uses a long, thin vertical slab to generate more exterior surface area for each room, a technique that maximizes views. Long vertical creases move up and down the building surface, creating the sense that the hotel is really a bundle of many separate towers. Punched diagonal windows produce a startling graphic effect, giving the hotel a specific and differentiated identity.
The building is lifted up, revealing a glazed first floor for the lobby and bar components, which connect to street level activities in the district.

Neil M Denari Architects, Inc
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