Central Station-Main / 2013

Houston, TX / Competition
Train Station
2,300 Square Feet

Houston's light rail system has, like other North American cities using this relatively new infrastructure, helped transform the identity of, if only partially, this Sun Belt city as a car dominant landscape. To further this mission, the Houston Rapid Transit and the Houston Downtown Management District invited five architectural offices to make proposals for a Red Line Station at Central Station-Main on a prominent site in the CBD. 
The rather simple station program was here augmented by the wish to have an iconic design, one that would articulate cultural desires beyond the limited scope of functional demand. In response to this, NMDA analyzed three sets of iconic buildings/structures that lie along or near the Main Street corridor of the Red Line. Concluding that infrastructure is best read as a fluid line, the scheme proposes a merger between structure and sign. Perhaps rather modest in scale, the scheme eschews monumental scale in favor of direct bodily engagement with the structure. 

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