Endeavor Offices / 2004

Beverly Hills, CA
7,000 Square Meters

Smooth Workworld for the Maverick Agency
Located within a 1961 Charles Luckman building in downtown Beverly Hills, this interiors project consists of 63,000 sf of offices for nearly 200 people and an 80 seat screening room. Endeavor is the third largest talent agency in the world and the company represents a wide range of writers, directors, and actors including Martin Scorsese and Paul Thomas Anderson. 
Given the straight forward planning dictated by the building, the more expressive aspects of the project can be found in ceiling / wall deformations surrounding the main lobby and conference room areas, and in the core elements that float within the field. The main premise of the open office space was to allow for daylight to reach into the assistant’s area. The sectional raise toward the perimeter and a band of clerestory glass creates natural lighting conditions that significantly enhances work life and the collective spirit of the agency.

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