l.a. Eyeworks / 2002

Los Angeles, CA
105 Square Meters

Micro - Functional Surfaces
For this 1150 sf store located on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, the client’s demand was based on a unique relationship between the conventions of commercial retail practice (the temporal) and the stability (the atemporal) of architecture more usually associated with institutional or public work. As a form of new “spatial identity” for l.a.Eyeworks, one of the most adventurous companies in the field of contemporary design, the new store finds its idea at the moment where the fixity of architecture and the seasonal change of new lines of glasses come together. Quite often seen to be at odds with one another, architecture’s slowness has been posited as the antidote to fashion. Indeed, while fashion is intentionally based on quick stylistic shifts, the clients asked that the design of the store resist not the ephemerality of fashion, but rather resist the fashion of architecture without recourse to minimalism or lack of expression.
In working with the basic parameters of store design such as the demand for transparency from the street and from the sales counter, the design shapes space and movement though a continuous suspended surface. This gaseous blue surface performs many functions: perforated ceiling plane, window display, bench, shelving unit, and sales counter. By merging the functional demand with the formal ambitions of continuity, architecture and eyeglasses fuse as a coordinated design

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