MUFG Ginza / 2007

Tokyo, Japan
600 Square Meters

A New Banking Atmosphere
SUPER ELEGANT: The GINZA district of Tokyo is one of the most well known and sophisticated centers of shopping in the city. Long known for its straight wide streets, GINZA now has become a high fashion zone as well, with new flagship stores appearing almost monthly. NMDA's design for the Ginza PBO centers around the concept of superior elegance, or Super Elegant, as a way to reflect its location.
Here, the MUFG DNA is reflected in simple curving lines, creating surfaces that become almost like a designer fabric. As an extension of this high end feeling, we have used white/off-white fabrics for the furniture and paint for the walls. For Ginza, this minimal palette of colors is important in expressing a refined, restrained aesthetic.

Neil M Denari Architects, Inc
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