MUFG Kobe / 2006

Kobe, Japan
1,000 Square Meters

A New Banking Atmosphere
As the third in the MUFG series, and the first to be directly exported from the new developments in the Nagoya flagship branch, the Kobe MUFG negotiates, through the ceiling system, an ambiguous given floor footprint. Similar in program to the 2F in Nagoya, a field of seating groups oriented toward large plasma screens dominates the space. The flows of circulation through and around this field are directly articulated in embossed ceiling surfaces that oscillate between white drywall and wood. The zones of use are regionally described through carpet and materials overhead.
The bank series, in large part, explores the graphical possibilities of high contrast colors and tones (and to a certain extent materiality ie, wood vs white) and the techniques of industrial design curvature (tight, controlled radii) built at architectural scale. The ergonomics of not only custom designed furniture but also the specific contours of the ceiling-scapes collaborate to produce a fluid yet defined field.

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