MUFG Nagoya / 2006

Nagoya, Japan
1,000 Square Meters

A New Banking Atmosphere
For the MUFG PBO, a new idea location for banking, we have proposed a slightly reflective black metal panel façade that is installed over the existing 1970’s office building behind. The color black refers to an elegant, simple aspect of Japanese aesthetics, and reminds one of seriousness and stability, something that should be projected from a bank. From there, we have shaped and perforated this black surface in new and modern ways, from the smooth, three dimensionality of the entrance to the escalator hall, to the laser cut pattern that makes a screen for the second floor windows. We have tried to combine a sense of logic and functionality with an unusual sense of design style, something that gives MUFG an identity different than any other bank in all of Japan. Like fine Japanese lacquered bowls, the exterior of the bank is a stark contrast to the colors and material found inside the Quick Corner ATM Hall and the PBO on the first floor.
Design is a fusion of form and use. As this is a new type of banking office, we have had the ambition to give a new feeling to the experience of private banking. Here, the environment must be accessible and friendly, yet have a special sense of contemporary design. The two most important features to our design are first, the smooth surfaces that shape the ceiling and walls into a continuous, flowing world, and second, the contrasting materials of white plaster and two types of wood veneers. The subtle curvatures and angles of the surfaces are specially designed to help the space become embracing, while the colors and materials combine to give a fresh, warm overall feeling to the space.

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