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Episode #108 of The Midnight Charette is now out. We hope you enjoy this fantastic conversation on Neil's architecture, experimental music, living in NYC, Paris, The High Line, and more.

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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

"Perhaps more important than even the fireplace in the history of domestic architecture, the dining table is a piece of furniture that draws family and friends together in the rituals of eating, drinking, and socializing. In the form of the object-in-space, it is a placemaker par excellance and depending on its design, can both a simple surface to activate and a sculptural element on its own. I have designed the Shift_Leg Table in this spirit."

Eins zu Eins released the product brochure for the Shift_Leg table - which includes concept sketches and final product images. Click here to read more.

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Neil will be speaking at the “Housing L.A./SF: Building Matters” symposium on March 16 (1:30-6:30pm)— along with David Baker, Anne Fougeron, Julie Eizenberg, Stanley Saitowitz, and Thom Mayne. It will be a conversation on creative approaches to the practice of architecture and is filling up quickly.

Email to RSVP!

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