No Mass House / 2011

Pacific Palisades, CA
Private Residence
4,900 Square Feet

Designed for a family of four, this house is designed to create privacy, and at the same time reach out to the landscape in traditional California Modernist style.
Sitting on a 60’ x 120’ site, the house has a footprint of 28’ x 67’, packing its three bedroom three bath program into three stories. As the family is interested in sports (yoga, golf, swimming, soccer, football, etc), the yard has been designed to be flexible and open. The lower living area, including the kitchen and dining, opens directly onto the pool, while the second floor is used for more living activities. The third floor contains the private bedrooms and bathrooms.
The main concept of the house stems from the dialectic between open and closed, and between surface and void. Each window is surrounded by a 3D surface of perforated aluminum. These window assemblies frame views and also create the effect of depth. Inside, the window forms are expressed, not hidden, making a new twist on the inside-out relation of Modernism.
The structure is a steel frame with wood joist infill. The window surrounds are specially made from curved steel sheet with insulation and plaster, allowing for an extremely thin wall section. The exterior surface is smooth plaster.

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