Peach Airlines / 2011

Graphic/Brand Design

On March 02, 2012, the first flight of Peach Airlines was launched from the Kansai International Airport bound for Sapporo. Peach is Japan's first Low Cost Carrier dedicated to the expansion of fun, safe, and economical travel.
NMDA won, in collaboration with CIA Tokyo and Rick Seireeni of the Brand Architect Group in Los Angeles, a limited competition to conceive of the entire brand development of this new airline. NMDA designed the external livery, the logo mark, and the interiors of the fleet of 10 Airbus A320 aircraft. After considering more than 700 different names, Peach was chosen by the owners because of its positive Pan-Asian associations for life and vitality. 
As peaches are a gradient of polychromatic hues, NMDA proposed four colors within a magenta to pink range to signify this complexity of color while the stencil like logo centers around simple offset circular forms.

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