Porsche Design Tower / 2015

Frankfurt, Germany
150-200 Luxury residential units
38,000 Square Meter

The competition asked for a 100 meter tower with an "exceptionally unique appearance", to mark the entry to the new Europaviertel district of Frankfurt. We considered two identities for a successful design. Porsche Design, a company founded in 1971 as a luxury brand with special focus on functional, timeless and purist design. And Frankfurt, a city known not only for its importance as the financial center of the world, but also as a city that has long embraced the High Rise. Our design approach incorporated, the formal, the structural, and the graphic, NMDA's architectural response to the two identities surrounding the project.
For the new Porsche Design Tower, we have developed a figure through the same operations as the PD logo. The parallelogram is an element that ties together the entire project. The mirrored parallelogram is also used as a punched window system that tracks up the North and South facades. The North and South ends of the tower are formed by large triangular subtractions in the primary block, leading to a recursive, diagonal profile when seen in the oblique. 
Large V columns support the base at the street level. Making a kind of arcade, these forms create a field of 3D parallelograms through which the visitor moves to reach the lobby of the park to the south. They are a robust expression of structural forces.
Landscape design in collaboration with Topotek 1

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