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Updated: Jun 12, 2018

NEIL M. DENARI Selected Things 2000-2017 - Consisting of extensive documentation of 50 projects and 12 texts, MASS X is a multigraphic volume organized around the concept of architecture’s role as a medium of experimentation that takes its place within the field of all contemporary media. If the marketplaces of global life are conventionally thought to be limited by the minimization of risks of all kinds (cultural, economic, social, etc), and if architecture labors under this duress as a medium whose expense, weight, and intended permanence make it the most risk averse medium of all, then questions are raised as to how the attributes (new formalisms, new experiences, unwanted functions, etc) of an experimental architecture can redefine both the logic of capital and also the logic of its own system of production. MASS X documents on the one hand the emergence of NMDA's building practice, and on the other, the continuing trajectory of cultural analysis began in Gyroscopic Horizons.

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