Shift_Leg Table   / 2017

Seufert Furniture 
2,500mm x 900mm

Perhaps more important than even the fireplace in the history of domestic architecture, the dining table is a piece of furniture that draws family and friends together in the rituals of eating, drinking, and socializing. In the form of the object-in-space, it is a placemaker par excellence and depending on its design, can both a simple surface to activate and a sculptural element on its own. I have designed the Shift_Leg Table in this spirit. 


The design of the table begins with a simple premise. How can the positioning of a dining table’s legs do two things:

1) change the perception of the form and stability of a table  

2) change the way in which people interact through subtle shifts in chair location


To achieve this, I have simply moved in the legs on two diagonally opposite corners approximately 1/3 the length of table which produces two corner cantilevers and a leg between two chairs. Moreover, I have developed a unique material lamination of White Corian and Light Oak with conic joints between the legs and the top - moments that are neither horizontal or vertical.     

You can find out more by visiting the Eins zu Eins site here or in the product PDF below.

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