Sotoak Pavilion / 2020

El Paso, Texas
Office Addition
10,000 Square Feet

Located on the Southwestern corner of downtown El Paso, this 10,000 square feet rooftop office addition, serves as beacon for urban revitalization of Union Plaza District. The building design intends to activate the streets below with strong connections to the cultural blending of El Paso - Juarez border. Crafted to engage, the building cantilevers 18ft over adjacent streets and borrows the vibrant colors and cultural richness of the region. 
Consisting of two primary facades, each respond to the environmental and contextual conditions of the site. On the North facade, full height glazing at the office space, provides direct visual connection to the Arts district and the pedestrian corridor. Meanwhile, the East facade responds to the solar penetration by a perforated screen system offset from the glazing.
The rooftop office addition holds 4 separate office suites, open plan staff areas, a roof terrace, an entertainment balcony, a cater kitchen, and a circulation node located within a multi-use gallery. The eastern office component is an extension of the existing 3rd floor space, connected with an architectural stair and void. The architectural stair leads to the office living room as the social hub and central connection for the office culture.

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