Tower C    / 2022
Vancouver, Canada

Mixed-Use Residential Tower 
250,000 Square Feet 

Façade Design 

Executive Architects: IBI 

As the neighboring building along Hornby Street to Burrard Place Tower A by Reliance Properties, Burrard Place Tower C conspires to make a continuous urban streetscape while claiming a discrete form of expression in the sky. Never conceived as two of a kind, the Burrard Place Development aims to produce diversity within a coherent urban plan. 

Like most towers in Vancouver, Tower C’s massing is heavily shaped by zoning conditions, which in this case produces a simple volume with a nearly square plan of 36 stories. Our approach to the image of the building therefore has been influenced by this simple prismatic quality and by the fact that the neighboring Tower A is lighter in overall color and tone. To this end, we have developed a kind of supergrid of “modules”, here articulated by dark gray metals against low iron glazing, that reads distinctly different than the lighter grids of Tower A. 

Like cells in an analogue film strip, these modules track up the building in four bays, each slipping past one another, suggesting motion and revealing the “action” within each module. This composition plays in elevation with the symmetry of the typical floor plan through the interlocking material logic of clear / silver glazing systems and the dark gray metal panel system. To further refine this supergrid, black ceramic frit is used as a kind of graphic tailoring that includes radiused and thickened corners.   

At the podium, the tower supergrid slips into a glass field and seems to float independently from not only from the street but also from the adjacent Tower A podium. An external louvered brise soleil is used as a break between Tower C and it’s neighbor to the North on Hornby, while it also connects to the louver system at the base of Tower A. Continuous glazing is used as a “reveal” at the joint between Towers A and C.    

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