Tower X / 2013

Vancouver, BC 
Luxury Condominium Tower
55,000 Square Feet

Vancouver’s identity as one of the world’s most livable cities has been forged through the dramatic increase in vertical living over the last 20 years. Not Manhattan, not Hong Kong, Vancouver is now a vertical city of another kind, one in which pedestrian culture meets car culture in a uniquely North American way. During this two decade accumulation of crystalline towers that now make up the city skyline, a sense of the history of Vancouver’s architectural past has been placed into sharper focus. Moreover, as certain heritage buildings are now listed as historical sites, relationships between them and new development have created new challenges for developers, architects, and of course, for City Planning. One such instance is the site for our proposed project at 1255 West Pender.
NMDA has been commissioned by RELIANCE PROPERTIES of Vancouver to explore this and other sites that are deemed to be difficult or which require re-zoning responsive schemes. RELIANCE is one of the city’s most visionary development groups looking to change the status quo of residential design.
The 6.6 allowable FSR for the site, combined with the 40’ setback requirement on the East, make it a site compatible with only the most ambitious developer, one who would imagine most of the floor area above the Evergreen Building next door, a historically designated project by renowned architect Arthur Erickson.

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