TROIA / 2005

175 Square Meters

Temporary Residence of Intelligent Agents
TROIA is a unique project and one that demanded a high level of discipline and ingenuity. Olaf Arndt of BBM www.bbm.de art group of Berlin asked NMDA to design a mobile building nearly 200 sq meters in floor area for a program based on their theatrical performances of robots and pixelated surfaces whose content critically asserts that the techniques and politics of crowd control lead not only to physical harm but also the dissolution of free speech, debate, and positive cultural conflict.
Our initial design scheme explored a soft, rippled outer envelope as a defamiliarizing technique designed to disguise the rectangular container of the large 150 sq meter PIXL space held within. This space, completely predetermined by BBM to house their performances, and the pre-function areas of library and bar, are the main elements of the program. The final, constructed design, value engineered and executed by German architect Martin Hoyer, is a cheaper, simpler solution that not only conforms to a reduced budget, but also expresses a certain directness of construction that is perhaps more reflective of the parameters of mobility that have guided the project.

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