Twentieth / 2014

Los Angeles, CA
Furniture Showroom
6,000 Square Feet

Twentieth is a 6,000 sf furniture showroom with support spaces located on Beverly Boulevard, one of Los Angeles’ busiest thoroughfares. Founded in 1999 by Stefan Lawrence, Twentieth has become a leader in the curation of contemporary design. Lawrence commissioned NMDA to renovate a single story bowstring truss building, a classic structural type in the city. The corner site, complete with a radial transition between the North and West facades is typical in the area and is similar to L.A. Eyeworks two blocks to the East, a 2002 project by NMDA. Compelled by many of our previous projects’ elaborate skin systems, including the recently completed HL23, Lawrence asked for a 3D panelized surface that would bring unexpected effects through materiality and geometry.
The scheme revolves around large punched windows deployed between perimeter columns and the bronze aluminum cladding that dramatizes these transparent moments with the impasto of its deep patterning. Black steel window frames combine with black plaster column covers to produce a graphic edge to the bronze field. Together, the overall ambition is to make a visually weighted, rather warm surface out of light weight metallic elements, a contrast that occurs within the array of furniture inside the showroom.

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